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Dear Moto Members,

It has always been our desire to offer a great club experience at a reasonable cost for training young ladies in the sport of volleyball.  For the past 11 years, we have enjoyed great coaches, players and parents and truly want what is best for all of you.

However, given the current dynamics of the indoor volleyball club environment and the commitments that need to be made in advance of tryouts for the club season, we have decided not to hold tryouts for the 2019 indoor club volleyball season.  This is being done in order to give all players the best opportunity to further their skills and make the best decision that they can.  We will review the desire of those that want to continue with Moto after tryouts are completed with the other clubs in the area.  More information will be forthcoming in the October/November time frame. 

If your desire is to forgo the tryout season with the other clubs and play for Moto in the 2019 indoor club season, please email me at with your daughter’s information.  Or If your desire is to put together a team of your own, we would love to talk to you about that as well.  We have done this in the past with much success in giving parents the opportunity to keep friends together and have more of a say in the direction of the season.  

Our outdoor Sand Volleyball club will continue in the 2019 season and we look forward to having all of you out in the sand, sun and breeze.


Eric Rhiver

Owner Moto VBC

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